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The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Content Marketing, Tangible Support, and Batkid

By on Nov 17, 2013


Weekly nonprofit content marketing update

It’s easy to get bogged down in the grief report, and I often do.

Life’s tough. Tragedy strikes. And some days I can’t bare to even turn on the news.

But then I see things like this: San Francisco turns into Gotham City for Batkid

And I’m reminded of the incredible things happening around us on a daily basis, much of which is fueled by the nonprofit community.

Batkid is a hero and so are you.

Here are this week’s nonprofit highlights:

  • Content is taking the Marketing industry by storm, and nonprofit marketers are no exception. According to the 2014 Content Marketing Report, 92% of the nonprofits surveyed are using content marketing. Curious about what other findings are reported in the study? Check out this post: Nonprofit Content Marketing – Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends for 2014 and don’t miss the associated Nonprofit content marketing infographic.
  • Close to 11 million have been affected by the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan. Support in the Philippines is needed and this post has compiled a list of nonprofit organizations providing aid. Every dollar helps.
  • Jeffrey Haguewood is calling it a best practice – making mission support tangible. In his post, Beyond Generic Giving Levels, Productize Your Fundraising Appeals, he urges nonprofits to go beyond asking for strictly monetary support. Instead, consider the tangible value of the support and give donors an opportunity to comprehend the true importance of their contribution.
  • Results. Donors want to hear them. And in this post by Joanne-Fritz, How to Close the Loop with Donors by Email, she shares how nonprofits can provide “closure” after fundraising campaigns. Use email to communicate the success and importance of donor support, and give them reason to give again next time.
  • On the NTEN blog, Lauren Giardin says it’s time to Take Charge of Your Editorial Process as Air Traffic Control. Successful content production demands a clear editorial process, and someone to oversee that process is required. Without a controller, the flight plans may always seem like a mess.
  • Micro content has trained us to prefer our information bite-sized rather than super-sized. So in order to engage beyond the 140-character tweets, you’ll need these  6 Tricks to Make Your Content Skimmable from Laurel Dykema. Mix it up, break some rules, and most importantly..get to the point.

See you next week?

Yours truly,



Madeline Turner is a social media expert, and was formerly the online and social marketing manager at Blackbaud. Prior to running Blackbaud’s social media and thought leadership blog npENGAGE, Madeline worked as a managing editor for Blackbaud’s content marketing program. It is her goal to create content and share ideas that challenge the status quo of the nonprofit industry. When Madeline isn’t tweeting or writing blog posts, you can find her drinking coffee out of her ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ mug, wearing giant headphones and singing off-key.

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