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Coming Soon: Convio Summit

By on Oct 2, 2011


If you read Connection Cafe regularly, follow @Convio on Twitter or are a fan of the Convio Facebook page – well, first things first, thank you.

But second, you may be aware of this little thing called Convio Summit that’s beginning tomorrow. You may even be joining us there which is super awesome.

In true multi-channel fashion, our in-real-life Summit has a complementary set of social media engagement opportunities.

First and foremost, right here on Connection Cafe. For the next week, Connection Cafe will become your window in to the nonprofit rockstar genius that is converging in Baltimore. Tips, best practices and ideas from the event will be shared here for your knowledge building pleasure. It’s the perfect way to absorb Summit information from the comfort of your office or if you are attending Summit, to benefit from sessions you may not have been able to attend.

But it doesn’t end with blog posts. In fact, that’s just the beginning. From me to you, here’s five tips for getting the most out of the social Summit experience.

  1. Subscribe to Connection Cafe via RSS reader or email
  2. Ask questions, offer ideas and provide general commentary on posts
  3. Follow @Convio on Twitter
  4. Follow the #Convio11 Twitter hashtag and participate in the conversation
  5. If you are at Summit, check in using Gowalla and the Convio Summit 2011 List

Whether the IRL version or the online version (sneak peek below) – I’ll see you at Summit!


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