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Blackbaud’s 2009 Conference for Nonprofits (Ottawa) – Day 1

By on May 14, 2009


I'm in the Canadian capital city of Ottawa this week for Blackbaud’s 2009 Conference for Nonprofits. Blackbaud has a large number of Canadian clients and this conference is a popular annual event.

This is my third visit to Canada this year and I'm looking forward to the sessions and presentations this week. Today, I'm doing three sessions on a variety of topics:

You've Got Email! Now What?: I am stepping in for a colleague and doing this session that's all about email best practices.

The Changing Nature of Online Fundraising: This is a session I've been doing for the past few months and covers major trends impacting how nonprofits use the Internet. Some brand new stats, stories, and recommendations for attendees.

Online Metrics Demystified: Understanding How to Measure Your Success Speaker: This is a brand new session and it will focuses on the key online metrics and how to leverage them to improve your results. I'm spending a lot of time thinking and writing about metrics for an upcoming book. So this session give me the chance to try out some concepts and get feedback on what's important to nonprofits.

This should be a very packed day, but I'll be on Twitter and you can follow the conference by looking for the #bbcon tag.


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