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Blackbaud NetCommunity adds Addressee & Salutation Functionality

By on Dec 3, 2009


The use of addressee and salutation functionality in The Raiser’s Edge is a very powerful feature that nonprofits leverage as part of their communication and stewardship efforts.

Adding integration for this feature to Blackbaud NetCommunity is something clients have requested in the past. We’re pleased to announce that support for addressee and salutation was released in BBNC 6.10 patch 8 on December 2nd.

The feature allows clients to set both an addressee type and salutation type from The Raiser’s Edge in their Blackbaud NetCommunity configuration options. Administrators can choose from any of the available addressee or salutation types to use, not just the primary type. This allows for both merge fields to be available in email messages, directories, and profile display parts.

This is the type of integration that is unmatched by other solutions in the market. Blackbaud continues to respond to customer feedback to improve our products.

This was the fifth most requested feature on the Blackbaud NetCommunity Idea Bank website. We thought this would spread some good holiday cheer by shipping the feature before the end of the year. Enjoy…


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