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Blackbaud NetCommunity 6.15 – Release Preview

By on Feb 1, 2010


Blackbaud NetCommunity 6.15 represents a major step forward for our Internet Solutions based on thousands of hours of research, customer feedback, usability design, application development, testing, and validation.

The updates and new features in this release are another sign of Blackbaud’s commitment to improve our online solutions. From a technology perspective, BBNC 6.15 also represents a major milestone as the entire application has been migrated to Blackbaud’s next generation Infinity platform.

There are a few high level requirements for this upcoming release. BBNC 6.15 is a PA-DSS / PCI compliant application and requires clients to also be using The Raiser’s Edge 7.91 or Blackbaud Enterprise CRM 2.5. This release also requires and only supports Microsoft SQL 2008. Blackbaud OnDemand customers will have these requirements taken care of as part of their ongoing support.

Here are some highlights of what to expect in Blackbaud NetCommunity 6.15:

User Interface / Experience Enhancements: The first thing you will notice about BBNC 6.15 is an update of the entire user interface and navigation. A tremendous amount of feedback and usability testing has resulted in significant improvements throughout the program. There are also several user experience updates that will reduce time spent on tasks. Click here for a preview.

HTML Editor Changes: The HTML editor has been completely replaced with TinyMCE, an open source editor that is used in other tools like Joomla!, Drupal, Plone, and WordPress. The editor is both cross-platform and cross-browser compatible. BBNC remains the only nonprofit solution with admin tools that truly work on Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Multisite Functionality: The solution now supports multisite capabilities, including the ability to build parent/child relationships for multiple websites in the system. Your website always includes a default site and you can create an unlimited number of additional sites. These additional sites can be any combination of parent and child sites at any level in a hierarchy. You will notice some user interface changes to support multisite, include a new Organization Settings screen to manage global settings.

Users and Security Changes: The addition of multisite functionality also means some changes to users, roles, and security assignments. Security now includes four main components: Users, Roles, Task groups, and Security assignments. These changes not only deepen the overall capabilities of BBNC, but also make managing roles and security easier. When you upgrade to 6.15, your security data migrates to the new security automatically.

Form Engine: BBNC customers now have the ability to create online forms to collect information from website users. This will allow nonprofits to collect information online that doesn’t need to be stored in their CRM system. The new Forms section allows you to create and manage forms, view the data, and export the collected information. The form creation tool offers a robust set of options, including the ability to create multi-step forms.

Online Fundraising Updates: The online donation form functionality has several updates in BBNC 6.15. This includes the ability to make pledge payments based on donor information in The Raiser’s Edge or Blackbaud Enterprise CRM. There are several other improvements around multiple designations, Gift Aid options for multi-geographic clients, and some other feature goodness.

Scheduled Email: You can now schedule emails to send to selected recipients at specific times. For example, you may want to send a renewal notice to members a month before their memberships expire. You can create a constituent query in The Raiser’s Edge or Blackbaud Enterprise CRM with all members. You then determine how often to run the email process. In this example, you may run the process on the first day of each month. At the scheduled time, BBNC merges the information in the list with the merge fields in the template and automatically distributes the email to recipients.

Online Address Lookup: Constituents now have the ability to have BBNC complete their address lookup after entering only their postcode. This new feature is for the UK market and the data is provided by Experian QAS. This process cuts down on address processing and dramatically will improve address accuracy and validity. This cuts down on invalid postage costs and manual data manipulation saving both time and money.

Best of the Rest: There always other tweaks, changes, and updates to improve the overall solution. BBNC 6.15 also continues previously released features like Addressee and Salutation support, improvements to data integration, and a long list of other updates.

Blackbaud NetCommunity 6.15 is now in controlled release and will go into general availability shortly. Stay tuned for future updates…


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