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Blackbaud and Convio: Stronger Together

By on Jul 30, 2012


Not even a whole summer on the Blackbaud team, and we are knocking things out left and right. Last month we shared our “quick wins” and today we’re ready to share our “stronger together” initiatives.

Our “stronger together” initiatives are key areas where we knew we could plan better solutions once we put our minds together.  Jana Eggers, Sr. VP of Products and Marketing, says it best.

In summary,

  1. We’re improving duplicate management for Blackbaud CRM by using the Luminate name database.
  2. We are adding a complimentary Wealth Audit for Luminate CRM and Common Ground in August.
  3. In November we will launch integration between the Financial Edge and Common Ground to enable a seamless post between the two systems and reduce reconciliation time.

For more information on our integration or any of the Blackbaud products, be sure to read the KnowHow product blog. If you’d like to provide feedback (and we hope you will), please do so in the comments below or on our Product Discovery page which now includes the Luminate and Common Ground suites.


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