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Best of 2011 – Multi-channel

By on Dec 16, 2011


MULTI- comes from the Latin word mulus which means MANY & MUCH. There are way more words out there than I originally thought that start with multi-. So, I thought I’d share a few, and they just might help you improve your Words with Friends score or answer some random trivia questions…..

5. multi-tasker – the performance of multiple tasks at one time
4. multi-loquent – speaking much; loquacious
3. multi-ped – an organism with many feet; as, a centipede
2. multiplicity – the quality of being multiple; as, a multiplicity of thoughts
1. multi-channel – pertaining to communications, usually full duplex, on more than one channel simultaneously

And, now that you have a few more words to use on game night, check out the top 5 blog posts this year on my #1 favorite multi- word… multi-channel!

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