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Banner Banter

By on Apr 18, 2012


I know, I know.  You’re not sure what to put in that big open space at the top of the new Facebook layout.

Well, I’ve come to the rescue.  I’ve pulled together three ideas from Convio clients who are rocking and rolling with the new format.

Before I jump in, here’s a quick overview of what the story is with the new format if you have no idea what I’m talking about. Facebook Fan Pages (the format used for non-profit organizations) feature a fancy timeline feature and a wide open space at the top for an image… or a call to action… or a screen shot… or something else!  The format became mandatory for all fan pages on March 31. Beth Kanter provided some great information about the change on her blog.

So, this new format presents you with a great opportunity to make your organization’s Facebook page more engaging and visually appealing.  Here is what other folks are doing… get inspired!

Hollywood Style
Oxfam America is using an image from a video they just released as the banner on their Facebook page.  How much do you love these animals dining on a fancy dinner? You’re prompted to scroll to their wall to learn more about the video as soon as you see the banner image!

I love the way the image that the San Diego Zoo is using on their banner is seamlessly blended with their profile icon image.  Cute, right?

Is it me, or are infographics more hip than significant glasses or unnecessary scarves?  The National Partnership for Women and Families has created this handy infographic to kick off their festivities for Equal Pay Day.

Bonus fourth item…

Get Engaged
The Sierra Club is using their banner graphic to provide a menu of engagement opportunities atop their Facebook page.  Don’t you just want to sign up and have as much fun as that girl with the hard hat?  Me too.

Happy Facebooking!



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