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A Time to Remember and a Time to Give

By on Jan 13, 2011


I remember this time last year I was getting ready for work, glancing at the TV in horror as I saw the first live images of the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. It was one of those paralyzing moments where you stand in awe of the power of nature, and see how in a brief moment, worlds are turned upside down. About 200,000 people died. I remember watching that number climb, day by day, week by week, month by month; it was never ending. Even this month, more bodies are still being recovered from the ruins.

This month let’s do more than just remember, let’s continue the holiday spirit, let’s give. So many times we stare at our television sets and computers, open-mouthed at the tragedies around us, and feel overwhelmed with the sense of inability to help. However, there are ways we can help without having to book a ticket, ways that involve only a few allotted minutes at your computer. As nonprofits, you have passion for your work. You have passion for your cause. But most of all, you have passion. Let’s expand our passion here, and remember Haiti.

The devastation didn’t end with the celebrity telethon or when Anderson Cooper finally flew home. Haiti is currently battling a cholera epidemic, a volatile political situation and the distressing reality that survivors are still living under tents. From online donating to advocacy, we can help. CNN’s Five Ways You Can Still Help Haiti features opportunities to serve the survivors of Haiti. Haiti is a prime example of an emergency moment, where organizations needed to quickly respond and get the world’s attention. Click here to learn how nonprofits can raise funds and become more prepared in moments of crisis. This guide will show you how other organizations have learned the method of disaster response mode and how to elevate your funds skillfully in a situation of panic.

If your organization is still running Haiti relief campaigns, please post your comment here. Leave me your organization name and link, I’ll be sure to update the blog with the information within a few days.


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