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Are You Ready for the Future of Fundraising?

By on Mar 4, 2015


future of fundraising

Innovation. Technology. The future.

These words call to mind images of sleek inventions and hip start-ups. Sometimes, in our daily work as nonprofit professionals, it can be challenging to see ourselves in this standard vision of the future. So many of us spend a great deal of our time focused on the spheres farthest from ultramodern innovation—the remote communities lacking access to healthcare, the schools in need of funding for reading materials, the families struggling to find food. Entrenched in this important work, it is easy to lose sight of the shiny image of the future that feels so far away.

If we’re not careful, that thinking can take us off course.

The fact that we as nonprofit professionals do the work we do inherently means that we believe in the transformative potential of the future. Every day we go to work because we believe that we have the power to change things for the better. In short—nonprofits, perhaps more than any other group, are already driving the future.

The good news is that nonprofits already have a leg up on the trends that other sectors are just starting to come around to. For-profit companies are beginning to capitalize on the idea that personal connection is paramount, but nonprofits have long held that model at the heart of everything they do.

So how can we guide our organizations into the future?


Thankfully, we don’t have to go it alone. The Future of Fundraising, the brand-new npEXPERTS eBook, gathers 16 of the sharpest minds in nonprofits to sort through the trends and help us focus on the strategies that will lead us into the next era of philanthropy. From a renewed application of the fundraising fundamentals to frank discussions on the tools you’ll need, the topics they cover in the free eBook span a range of opportunities for positive change.

Download the free eBook to check out their insights to see where you are and where you have room to grow. And if you find yourself struggling to envision the future of fundraising, just remember: as a nonprofit professional, you’re already on the right track. So grab hold of the wheel and keep steering yourself forward.



Erin Duff is a Senior Associate at the Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact. She is passionate about empowering social innovators to change the world. She manages editorial production and content marketing for the company’s thought leadership initiatives. Erin joined Blackbaud after serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA at an antipoverty nonprofit in Austin, TX. When she’s not wading through inspiring research and writing, she teaches an adult ESL class and brushes up on Titanic trivia.

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