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5 Ways Hands On Nashville Rocked The Music City on #GivingTuesday

By on Dec 18, 2013


Last week, I shared how lives are changed when #bigkidsgive and 5 tips on how you can rock #givingtuesday like Camp Kesem.

This week we’re talking #bikesandbakedgoods (a winning combination), and how Hands On Nashville used #GivingTuesday to create local impact – with 5 fundraising ideas to help you rock your next campaign.

Introducing Hands On Nashville

Hands On Nashville (HON) works to meet community needs through volunteerism. From hunger to homelessness, HON connects volunteers to critical issues facing the Middle Tennessee community, and serves as one of the largest volunteer resource centers in the world.

One such issue they’re seeking to address is the need for exercise, recreation, and responsibility for disadvantaged youth in Nashville, which is why they launched the ReCYCLE for Kids bike program in 2012. With help from the local community and partner agencies, this program works to give refurbished bikes to the area’s kids in need.

ReCYCLE For Kids

Last year, 400 bikes were donated to the program supporting Middle Tennessee’s disadvantaged youth, and this year, Becca Wilson, Communication Director, said their team has set an encore goal of 500 bikes.

They used the #GivingTuesday movement as a springboard for this year-end campaign, and in just 2 hours they reached over 20% of their goal.

Bikes for ReCYCLE

This is How they Rolled:

On #GivingTuesday, HON set up a tent outside their building in downtown Nashville from 11:30a.m. – 1:30p.m to draw community members to the donation site. For added incentive, two local bakeries gave away sweet treats as a thank you to those who donated a used bike.

Over 70 people came out, 115 bikes were collected, and enough donations were raised to purchase 20 new bike helmets.

Thanks to some great fundraising ideas and a strong response from the Nashville community on #GivingTuesday, Hands on Nashville is well on their way to hitting their year-end goal!

Here are 5 Fundraising Ideas you can glean from their success:

1. Get Strategic Partners Involved

HON partners with other Nashville organizations to help make the ReCYCLE program possible.

Oasis Center Bike Workshop, a bike repair program for Nashville teens, contributed their expertise on bike restoration.

Additionally, two local bakeries offered free, locally baked sweets as a thank you for donating on #GivingTuesday, which sweetened the deal of giving away that used bike.

Clearly, they were not looking for success in a silo, but tapped the community for increased engagement!

2. Incorporate a Multi-Channel Communication Strategy

Becca said they kicked off the ReCYCLE program in October and began planning their #GivingTuesday event about a month in advance.

The December 3rd bike donation drive was promoted through multiple channels, including: their e-newsletter, a press release a week in advance, their blog, an email communication the day before, and social media.

Additionally, all the local news stations came out to report on the event. Local media coverage is always a great way to boost awareness about your event

News at Hands on Nashville

3. Stand Out From the Crowd

Many organizations are only asking for monetary donations on #GivingTuesday, but HON took a more creative approach.

They provided a tangible way for people to support one of their programs – through bike donations.

“A creative call-to-action is important so that your organization stands out from the crowd,” Becca said. “What can you do on #GivingTuesday that sets your organization apart and gets people actively involved?”

Think of fundraising ideas beyond the monetary donation to garner support for your mission.

4. Encourage Social Sharing

In addition to using the #GivingTuesday hashtag, HON created the #bikesandbakedgoods hashtag to build awareness of the event on social media.

Using the hashtags, they were able to share pictures and encourage event participants to do the same. People from around the Nashville community joined in on the social sharing, and used these hashtags to promote the ReCYCLE event.

Consider ways you can empower your supporters to start talking and sharing on social media!

5. Use #GivingTuesday as a Bike Ramp

HON used #GivingTuesday as a launching pad to achieve 20% of their ReCYCLE program goal within just a few short hours.

They used this day to kick-start bike donations for this program, not as a today-only campaign. Becca said they are considering launching the program on #GivingTuesday next year for this very reason.

Think about ways your organization could use #GivingTuesday next year to catapult your campaign’s success.



Keep your eyes out for the 3rd and final blog next week, where I’ll be sharing more fundraising ideas and rounding out my #GivingTuesday series. Until then, let’s keep in touch – @mabeahm.


Michael Beahm is Customer Advocate Marketing Manager at Blackbaud and manages the Blackbaud Champions program. In his spare time, Michael is husband, father of two boys, runner, and a coffee-holic. Connect with him on twitter @mabeahm.

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