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5 Tips To Grow Your Online Giving In 2011

By on Dec 22, 2010


As you wind down for 2010, it’s worth having a quick think about what your priorities will be when you next step back into your office. Where will your focus be in the new year? How will you reinvigorate yourself, your work and your organisation in 2011?

Most importantly, are you considering how your online presence will help you grow your giving program?

The Nielsen Norman Group has estimated that online donations will constitute the majority of donations by 2020. Given that, as we head into 2011, this is not so far away, it’s worth considering how you will ensure your online giving strategy performs in 2011.

To get started, consider focusing on the following 5 areas:

  1. Ensure your website is optimised to promote your giving program. Ensure that your donation forms are easy to locate, easy to fill out, and that your website answers all questions a potential donor may have. Ensure your organisational vision, mission, values and work are clearly explained, as well as where your donors funds will go. Ensure that potential donors have no excuses not to donate on your website!
  2. Make sure your website is easy to find. Investigate the possibility of a Google Grant if you are not using one already, and ensure that your website can be found on major search engines, with key search terms that are showing high conversion rates. No one will be able to donate to you if they can’t find you in the first place!
  3. Focus on your relationships. You need to connect with your online donors as much as you do your with your offline donors. Ensure that the giving experience you provide is “intimate and emotionally coherent” (see The Online Giving Study by Network for Good and TrueSense Marketing.)
  4. Create multiple online touchpoints. Not all potential donors will find you by your website. Ensure that you have a strong and engaging social media presence, and as wide and quality a web presence as possible.
  5. Focus on the donor. Focus on what motivates your donors, and on the benefits of the giving process to them. Avoid starting your sentences with ‘we’ and ensure the focus is on ‘you’.

People giving hearts

Do you currently focus on these 5 areas? If you don’t, perhaps you may wish to think about these as you head into the new year?

Have a great holiday season and enjoy a well earned rest, and I will see you back here in 2011!


Comments (4)

  • Kenny Jahng says:

    Love this list of considerations.

    As I review your points, it is interesting how “video” jumps out at me for each one. Using *short* video snippets on-site and off-site (syndicate to video sharing platforms!) really can help all 5 of these areas of focus.

  • Many of us get these basic yet essential steps. I’m trying to learn to lead in my company in these areas but am not competent enough while many around me are even more clueless. I’m afraid one day we’ll wake up and see that we’ve missed the revolution and all of it’s benefits.

    • Hi Brian,

      It’s good to hear that you know what you need to do. I understand your frustrations – it’s easy lose sight of what’s important by the time a variety of stakeholders are involved. Keep trying, as even if you don’t hit all of your goals, you will be improving your online presence in small steps anyway. Good luck!

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