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5 Secrets to Fundraising like the Big Boys

By on Feb 13, 2014


I have a 2 ½ year old son. He has a 5th grade friend who rides his bike around the neighborhood and received a basketball goal for Christmas. It can be challenging for the two of them to play together since my son can’t ride a bike or even come close to dribbling a basketball. But in time, my son will pick up these skills – that’s what I’m here for, right?

It can often be the same for many nonprofits, feeling pressure to keep up with the larger organizations while facing limitations of time, money, and staff. These are real challenges small, developing organizations face. But no matter the size of your nonprofit, you can start achieving your fundraising goals by being smarter about how you ask for support and by using many of the same strategies as the largest nonprofits.

And we’ve got a webinar to help..

Join us on Wednesday, February 19th at 1PM EST, as Joe Garecht, founder of The Fundraising Authority presents The Secrets to Fundraising like the Big Boys: 5 Tricks of the Trade no Matter the Size of Your Nonprofit. Joe is a nonprofit consultant, author of the Nonprofit Fundraising Formula, and renowned speaker on helping organizations of all sizes raise the money they need to thrive.

During this free, live event Joe will do a deep dive into 5 Key Fundraising Strategies used by the ‘big boys’ including: Joe Garecht

  • Building Fundraising Networks
  • Focusing on Donor Cultivation
  • Introduce Planned Giving
  • Diversify Your Fundraising Tactics
  • Be active online – the Right Way

I look forward to seeing you there! The slides and recording will be made available to all registrants after the event, so be sure to share this educational event with your peers! Register Today!

Fundraise Like the Big Boys


Michael Beahm is Customer Advocate Marketing Manager at Blackbaud and manages the Blackbaud Champions program. In his spare time, Michael is husband, father of two boys, runner, and a coffee-holic. Connect with him on twitter @mabeahm.

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