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5 Tips for Search Marketing Success to Bolster Your Nonprofit’s Web Presence

By on Oct 30, 2008


I think it goes without saying that a Web presence is crucial for nonprofits.  Any research study you pick up these days harps on the importance of the Internet for organization. Whether it be a strong Web site, a solid social media strategy or a well built email marketing campaign, using the Internet to reach your supporters and engaging them to act on behalf of your cause where they spend their time is a powerful tactic.

But, what often gets skipped over in the strategy and tactical execution of building a Web presence is this simple question: how are people going to find the wonderful Web presence you built? In truth, just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come, and all the work in the world won’t help you if your current and potential supporters can’t find you!

The answer to this question is simple: a good search marketing strategy. And with the Google Grant program, nonprofits can easily implement a search marketing strategy for free!

Here are 5 tips for search marketing success to help you get started building your strategy compliments of Boston Interactive:

Keyword Selection is Fundamental. The first step in integrating search marketing into your marketing toolkit is proper keyword selection. When optimizing your website, be aware of what keywords your target audience is searching for. This research will shape the outcome of both your organic and paid search results.
Keep Messages Consistent. The keywords that you select should always be consistent across every marketing channel including the search advertisement, website, and links. This will ensure a greater amount of relevant traffic to your site.
Organic Search Rankings are Key. Having an organized site structure and relevant content are significant factors in driving website traffic. Content is what search engines “see”. A good balance between organic and paid search is necessary, as organic search rankings get over 70% of the clicks.
Make Website Content Readable. Having search engines read your content is important but only humans can act upon your messages and offers. Be sure to convey a clean message to your audience that is more than a list of keywords.
Search Engine Rankings and Website Best Practices are Crucial to Survival. Keyword rankings and website best practices are key factors for generating traffic and credibility. The credibility of your brand during an unstable economy will give you a competitive edge both now and in the future.

With the upcoming holiday season that’s showing promising online results for nonprofits across the country, it might just be that time to employ a good search marketing plan to make sure holiday traffic and donations are made on your Web page and not someone else’s!


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