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4 Questions to Ask Before Going Mobile

By on Feb 23, 2012


An extraordinary thing happened last year.  For the first year ever, total PC sales around the world were outpaced by total smartphone sales. And 63% more smartphones were bought than the previous year.

So it’s tempting indeed to rush out and build an app for your nonprofit.

But before you do, it’s important to do some self reflection to determine if mobile is right for your organization.  And that means asking if mobile is right for your audience.  A good mobile strategy starts with your audiences and works backwards from them – rather than thinking of your audience after you’ve selected a shiny mobile solution!

Here are four groups of strategic questions to help guide your thinking:

  1. Who are your constituents and what are they like? Are they using smartphones? How do they typically support you? When are times when they might want to take action on mobile, and what types of actions are you hoping to inspire?
  2. What resources do you have to commit to mobile? Do a quick reality check. What time, money, expertise and staff do you have to commit to mobile, and what does that say about the scope of project you can handle?
  3. How will mobile fit into your other outreach efforts? Step back and look at mobile as a way to supplement, reinforce and enhance your other efforts, including donor acknowledgement, special events and social media.
  4. How are you going to measure your efforts? How will you track the return on investment in cost savings or added donations? How about the return on engagement in the form of new supporters, added convenience for supporters, improved advocacy and brand exposure?

For more on devising your strategy and making mobile happen for your organization, check out the new Convio and Network for Good eGuide or join our free webinar next week.

Katya Andresen is Chief Strategy Officer of Network for Good, as well as a speaker, author and blogger about nonprofit marketing, online outreach, social media and fundraising.  In addition, she is an adjunct professor of communications at American University’s Key Certificate Program and serves on the board of NTEN. Katya’s marketing materials for nonprofits have won national and international awards, and she is the author of the book Robin Hood Marketing: Stealing Corporate Savvy to Sell Just Causes.


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