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35 Ideas to Recognize Top Event Fundraisers

By on Jul 6, 2012


People are motivated to participate in peer-to-peer fundraising events for many reasons.  As an event fundraiser, your mission should be to figure what is motivating your most valuable participants (Top Fundraisers & Team Captains) so that you can recognize their fundraising efforts in ways that deepen their relationship to your event and more importantly the mission of your organization.   Here are some ideas to get you started:


1.    Early Registration Opportunities – Perfect for events that sell out
2.    Work Appropriate Logoed Apparel – Golf Shirts – Great for the guys!
3.    Enamel Pins
4.    Logoed Water Bottles
5.    Top Fundraiser Ball Caps – People love their team t-shirts on event day, compliment that shirt with a cap!
6.    Top Fundraiser Socks – Don’t compete with the team t-shirt, compliment it!
7.    Top Fundraiser Cycling Jerseys
8.    Top Fundraiser T-shirts
9.    Top Fundraiser Running singlets
10.    Feature their personal stories on your webpage
11.    Feature their fundraising tips on your blog, eNewsletter, print materials
12.    Access to media opportunities – Going to the radio/TV station?  Bring them along with you!
13.    Feature them in your Social Media
14.    Invite them to blog, tweet or socialize on your channels

Event Day

15.    Special reserved spot at the front of the Starting Line
16.    Access to the VIP tent
17.    Special Race Numbers or Bibs – Give your #1 Fundraiser a brightly colored #1 Race Bib
18.    reserved   port-a-potties at start line, route and finish line
19.    Reserved showers – Great for multi-day events
20.    Exclusive lines – Allow them to skip to the front of the long lines
21.    Access to premium food & drinks on Event Day
22.    Print their names on a prominently displayed banner

Post-Event / Off Season

23.    Handwritten Thank You Notes from your Board President or Executive Director
24.    Top Fundraising Trip or Prizes
25.    Access to VIP area at other fundraising events, let your top fundraiser from your cycling event hang out at your Walk VIP tent
26.    Access to Exclusive Volunteer Opportunities outside the event
27.    Invites to an Awards Dinner
28.    Invites to other organizational events throughout the year
29.    Going to Lobby your legislators?  Take them along!
30.    Discounts or Free Tickets to other events hosted by your org
31.    List out your top fundraisers on your website
32.    List out your top fundraisers in your eNewsletter
33.    List out your top fundraisers in your Print Newsletter
34.    List out your top fundraisers in your Annual Report
35.    List out your top fundraisers in a print ad



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