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Kick-Start Fundraising in 2012

By on Jan 12, 2012


Are you still reeling from the holidays? You’re not alone. But with 2012 in full swing, it’s time to harness the momentum you created with year-end supporters to kick-start fundraising in the new year. To ramp up, here are a few tips you can put in practice today (from Convio’s guide, Utilize Year-End Momentum: Kick-Start 2012 Fundraising) with no major overhauling required.

Use a multi-channel approach (if you aren’t already)
To maximize conversion rates, many savvy organizations are launching multi-channel campaigns to convert online acquired prospects. One example would be a three-part campaign starting with email, followed by direct mail, and then telemarketing. Our research shows that direct mail donors who also receive email give twice as much and renew at 10% higher rates than those who receive email alone.

Promote a sustainer or pledge giving program
If they made a gift to you toward the end of the year when donors are typically very selective about the charities they support, then it’s likely that your recent holiday supporters are inclined to be loyal to you this year. They may even be open to recurring donations or spreading out their annual donation over the course of the year.

Sustaining and pledge donors are important because they typically renew at rates 10-12% higher than single-gift donors. Offer special incentives for your donors to give on a recurring basis or to pledge a larger commitment that can be paid out over time.

Make your e-newsletter more engaging
We recommend (at a minimum) having two versions of your email newsletter—one for prospects/non-donors, and one for current donors. Why? If you’re like most organizations, you use your e-news as a prospecting tool, so it’s not appropriate to have the same version going to everyone. Does your newsletter reflect that you know the recipient? Did they recently volunteer or make a donation? Consider adding conditionalized content based on their relationship to you. Offer clear opportunities to take action such as “Update Your Address” or, “Learn More” or, “Share Your Story.” Make sure you keep the Donate and Tell-a-Friend links above the fold.

For more in-depth strategies for making a splash with your supporters this year, download the full guide.


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