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3 Reasons Why Your Participants Aren’t Raising Enough Money

By on May 10, 2011


How do you get your supporters to raise more money for your cause?  It’s the age old question isn’t it? The one question that keeps event directors and development officers awake at night.  You know your participants are committed because they register for your event year-after year.  They may even donate during your year-end appeals or volunteer for you.  So what’s holding them back from raising the kind of money you know they’re capable of??

Blackbaud and the Run Walk Ride Fundraising Council recently conducted the peer-to-peer fundraising events Consumer Survey where we asked people who’ve participated in at least one run, walk or ride event in the past two years to answer a series of questions online. What we learned from the responses was extremely interesting. Here’s three of the biggest reason’s why your event participants aren’t reaching their fundraising potential.

1. You Don’t Suggest a Personal Fundraising Goal

23% of the respondents that weren’t involved with a team did not have a personal fundraising goal.  Be sure to provide a suggested goal for your participants so they have a target to shoot for.  You know the old development mantra, if you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

How important is setting a personal fundraising goal?

2. You Don’t Motivate Your Participants

Whether it’s an incentive, a friendly competition between friends or their commitment to your cause, your fundraisers need a reason to fundraise for your organization.  Have you thought about all of the ways you could motivate your participants better? Simple things like t-shirts, water bottles and putting their names on your website can do wonders when it comes to motivating people to go the extra mile.

What motivates people to raise money?

3. You Don’t Tell Your Participants the Value of Personalizing Their Fundraising Page

It’s called a personal fundraising page for a reason. It’s personal.  It’s the participant’s story about why they’re fundraising for your organization.  Only 45% of people polled in the survey personalize their fundraising page. This information helps us see that there is a direct correlation between how much someone raises and the completeness of their personal fundraising page. What do you think would happen if increased the number of participant who told their story from 45% to 75% or more? My guess is that it would have a significant impact on your fundraising totals.


Personal Fundraising Page Personalization

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