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3 Mobile Trends on the Horizon for Nonprofits

By on Jul 11, 2013


15% of all internet traffic in May came from mobile devices (up from 10% the previous year). It’s predicted to be 30% of all traffic by the end of next year.

Nonprofits have begun to adapt, with many planning/creating mobile-optimized websites. What else should they be aware of?

Here are a few mobile trends that will begin to impact nonprofits:

  1. Mobile SEO

    Google’s mobile algorithm factors your location into mobile search results. Because of this, local results are shown more prominently in mobile search results than on desktops.

    For nonprofits, this could mean higher rankings for local mobile searches on homeless shelters, animal adoption or volunteer opportunities.

    To get ahead of the game, focus on improving your local SEO.

  2. Mobile Analytics

    It’s often tough enough for nonprofits to make sense of web analytics. Soon, it’ll be important to analyze another layer of data: mobile. Questions like:

    • What are your mobile donation form conversion rates?
    • Where are mobile visitors coming from?
    • What are your email click-through rates on mobile devices?
    • How do all of these differ from desktop visitors?

    It’s soon going to become even more important for nonprofits to track these baseline metrics. Using tools like Google Analytics, nonprofits will then be able to analyze the desktop experience vs. the smartphone/tablet experience.

  3. Mobile Email

    Some would argue creating mobile-friendly email is already important. And they’d be correct.

    41% of email was opened on mobile devices in the second half of 2012. So whether you’re sending mobile-friendly email or not, mobile is affecting your results.

    Email click-throughs have been shown to be lower on mobile devices than on desktops. For nonprofits, this likely is hurting click-through and response rates, which both declined in 2012.

    To send mobile-friendlier emails, consider using responsive design. Or, at the very least, try some smaller changes to make your emails mobile-friendlier.

One more thing worth noting. Google recently announced upcoming changes to smartphone search result rankings. Websites with certain mobile issues will have their search result rankings impacted.

Specifically, they mentioned avoiding:

  • Faulty redirects: Such as redirecting all desktop pages to a moblie-optimized home page. Instead take visitors to a mobile-optimized version of each page. If that doesn’t exist for certain pages, Google prefers you take them to the desktop version of that page.
  • Smartphone-only errors: Such as redirecting visitors to 404 page, instead of the desktop version of the page. Or having unplayable videos on mobile devices, such as ones that require Adobe Flash.

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