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3 Custom Content Tips from The Guardian’s Royal News Filter

By on Jul 24, 2013


It’s a BOY! His name is George Alexander Louis!

What?!? You have not been impulsively checking the internet to find out the latest news on the newest addition to Britain’s Royal Family?

Turns out you are not alone. On Monday the Guardian’s UK website added a new feature that allowed readers to filter the news with a single click based on whether or not they were interested in the new royal baby.

For non-profits, this could be a smart technique to keep your website content relevant for a larger audience of visitors. Especially during times when your organization’s homepage content is being dominated by a single large event.

  1. Know Your Audience
    There are moments in time where a single topic like an upcoming fundraising event or a timely news event (like the birth of a royal baby) may dominate your org’s homepage. While your primary audience may be super interested in this content, keep in mind that other people may be visiting your website for other information. As you are prioritizing your content, be aware and sensitive to these preferences. The first win for the Guardian was their sensitivity that some of their online readers will not prioritize the new royal baby over other news headlines.
  2. Usability is King!
    When it comes to content customization, you want to make sure that your solution is intuitive and easy to use. The Guardian’s content toggle requires 1 click to adjust content preferences. Additionally , it is easy to locate and uses terminology (Royalist / Republican) that is familiar to their British audience.
  3. Log In Not Required
    This tip falls right in line with the topic of keeping it easy. We talk a lot about delivering custom content based on a person’s profile and their previously communicated preferences.  This strategy is still super smart, however, it often requires some form of log in or cookie.  The Guardian has simply added a button that allows people to immediately self-select their content preference without requiring additional info. Removing the barrier of entry for visitors will help them find the content they want and will likely promote an increase in time spent on your website.





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