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And the survey says…insert theme song

By on Feb 4, 2011


I love surveys. Writing them, participating (if they’re not too long), reading the final reports, discussing the findings, analyzing the trends, etc. It’s kind of like comparing notes with a club of anonymous members. I guess I like the validation that other people feel the same way I do as well as find out the areas where I stand apart from the crowd.

So, I was obviously excited to see the 2011 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report from Nonprofit Marketing land in my inbox. Even though I didn’t take the survey (it’s based on responses from 780 nonprofits in December 2010) I am guessing plenty of Convio clients did and these findings got me jazzed about the technology we provide them.

  • Email marketing and websites will be the most important communications tools for nonprofits in 2011, followed by direct mail, in-person events, Facebook, and media relations/PR.
  • Monthly emailing is the most popular frequency for nonprofits at 43%, followed by every other week at 17% and quarterly at 16%. Three-quarters of nonprofits (75%) plan to email their typical supporters at least monthly.
  • Nonprofit communicators are excited about new ways to connect with their supporters, their increasing use of social media, and better communications planning and integration.

There’s tons more data in the report, but I wanted to give online/email communications a little shout out. If improved email communications is a priority for you this year, consider this:

  • If your supporter is engaged through both traditional channels and online channels they are 95% more valuable to your organization in just a 12 month period. *
  • Of the estimated $53 billion that was donated to charities by US adults during the 2010 holiday season, $6 billion (or nearly 12 percent) was estimated to have been donated online.**
  • Organizations can expect $11 in online revenue for every email subscriber recruited. ***
  • Regular e-Newsletters have a 19% open rate. ***
  • A multi-part email campaign raises 4 times the amount of a single email appeal. ***

Let’s just say for the 96% of you that responded that your website is a very or somewhat important communications tool in 2011, and 94% identified email marketing the same way – I’m comparing notes and have joined the club!

*** Based off of Convio Go! client results


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