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2009 Target User Forum – Day 1

By on Apr 6, 2009


A lot of things are going on in Boston this week at the 2009 Target User Forum. It will be a busy three days of sessions, meetings, and getting to connect with some of Blackbaud's customers.

This morning starts off with the opening session called "Your Mission IS Possible: Blackbaud's Commitment to the Success of Nonprofits" and was presented by Target Analytics President Lee Gartley, Blackbaud CEO Marc Chardon, and Blackbaud CTO Shaun Sullivan.

Lee Gartley is giving some opening remarks.  There are 40+ sessions at Target User Forum this year that include clients, partners, nonprofit thought leaders, and technology experts. The focus of the sessions are around Team Approach best practices, getting ready for Blackbaud Enterprise CRM, online fundraising and innovations in integrated marketing, and fresh ideas to help nonprofits fundraise more effectively. Lee closed with at quote from Louis Pasteur  — "Chance favors the prepared mind."

Marc Chardon started by talking about the current fundraising environment and how it relates to sailing. He recounted some rough seas he once encountered off the coast of Ireland. Marc posed the question — If we were sailing, where would we be? The nonprofit industry has moved from "Clear Skies / Fair Winds" to "Stormy Weather" over the past year. There are changes and shifts in giving patterns, channels, and other donor activity. Some organizations are feeling it more than others. Some aren't being impacted at all. A key factor has been how well has the nonprofit built a stable base of long term supporters. There is an increased need for nonprofits to adapt to changing conditions.

Shaun Sullivan is up next and speaking about Blackbaud Enterprise CRM and the Infinity Platform. Shaun showed an example of a 3rd party developer who used the Infinity API to publish event information to Google. He demonstrated how the integrated platform allows for donor management, events management, wealth screening, online capabilities, and a bunch of other cool stuff all in one application. Shaun showed how both online and offline information is presented within the same platform for BBEC customers. He closed up his presentation by showing the reach capabilities of BBEC and how information can be passed dynamically to something like an iPhone.

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