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5 Tactics to Increase and Engage Web Traffic

By on Oct 10, 2013


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It’s not just enough to get a lot of traffic to your website, it’s about the quality of traffic going there. And once people arrive, you have five seconds to get their attention. What’s even more important is how you get them engaged from that point.

Speaking during bbcon 2013, Blackbaud’s Conference for Nonprofits in National Harbor, Md., Blackbaud interactive consultants Sophia Latto and Mike Snusz outlined a data-driven decision approach to increasing traffic and engagement.

Here are five of the ideas they shared the following tips for letting data drive the dollars:

  • Track conversions with Google Analytics. Track not only donations and event registrants, also conversions such as email and volunteer signups. Find out which channels drive conversions, not just traffic, and invest in them.
  • Review social media analytics at least twice a month. Learn what type of content is most engaging and has the greatest reach, and determine the best days and times to post for your audiences. Use that insight to inform your web content strategy.
  • Optimize SEO for mobile and local searches. Build out your organization’s Google+ Local profile and encourage supporters to contribute reviews of your organization.
  • Do a five-second usability test on key web properties with a tool like Usability Hub and ask your audience to describe your mission. People need to be able to grasp your mission and determine the credibility of your organization almost instantly — having strong visuals help.
  • Don’t forget about email. Use email testing tools to see what your email looks like on all types of devices, to see how long people have your email open (engagement summary), and on what devices your email is being opened.

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