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2 Ideas for Capitalizing on Year-End Fundraising Momentum

By on Jan 9, 2013


If your nonprofit organization is like most, you receive nearly half of your annual online donations in the last two months of the year. Now that we’re starting a new year, the question is: how do you capitalize on this momentum?

Here are two tips to get you going in the new year.

Capture Email Addresses for your Offline Donors

More and more supporters are open to engaging with you online, even if they choose to donate offline. Capturing email addresses for your offline donors will allow you to implement a multi-channel approach. Use any opportunity you can to capture email addresses from your supporters such as at events, through direct mail response cards, and via telemarketing. You can do this by offering specific calls-to-action that are only available online, such as register on your website to receive a premium or to receive an “early-bird” registration for an event. You can also promote the reasons to visit your website in your offline communications, such as user-contributed photos and stories or the ability to easily update a mailing address.

Promote a Sustainer or Pledge Giving Program

The donors who supported you last year likely had to be selective about their charities. It’s likely these donors may be even more inclined to be loyal to you and would be open to recurring donations or paying their annual donation amount throughout the year. Sustaining and pledge donors typically renew at rates 10-20% higher than single-gift donors. It’s important to offer reasons for donors to give on a recurring basis or to pledge a larger commitment that can be paid out over time.

We’ve put together a guide of 10 simple steps, including these two, that can make a big difference in your communication and list-building strategies in the new year. Pick a few you can put in place today, and think of them as resolutions to ensure the growth of your supporter base in 2013.

Download the full Fundraising Momentum Guide and quick reference tip sheet.


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