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15 Most-Read npENGAGE Articles from 2018

By on Dec 19, 2018


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As 2018 draws to a close, I was curious to see which of the 160+ articles we’ve published to date this year have been the most read. Our expert contributors covered a lot of topics this year across fundraising, marketing, social media, advocacy, corporate social responsibility, grantmaking, financial management and more – and the list of the fifteen most read mirrors that diversity.  

Without further ado, here is the countdown of the most popular articles published on npENGAGE in 2018: 

  1. Creating a Giving Tuesday Strategy That’s ‘Just Right’ by Andy Schroeder, Sisters of Charity BVM 

#GivingTuesday 2018 might have passed, but it’s not too early to start planning for next year! Andy shares how Sisters of Charity BVM shattered their #GivingTuesday fundraising goals, and gives tips on how you can create a #GivingTuesday strategy that is “just right.”


  1. 5 Strategies to Implementing a Successful Employee Giving Campaign by Patricia RanziniSoutheastHEALTH Foundation 

Starting an employee giving campaign requires connecting a lot of moving parts to make it successful. But when done right, it has many benefits beyond the funds raised. Patricia shares how the SoutheastHEALTH Foundation started their successful “Employee Helping Hands” campaign with tips for how other organizations can do the same. 


  1. 6 Tactics for Increasing Donor Retention by Rachel Clemens, Mighty Citizen 

Donor retention rates haven’t snuck north of 50% in more than a decade. Does that ring true for your organization? If so, you won’t want to miss Rachel’s tips on how you can help improve your nonprofit’s retention rate. 


  1. Did Facebook Just Change the Game for P2P Fundraising (Again)? by Shana Masterson, Blackbaud 

During the Social Good Summit in 2017, Facebook announced the availability of an API that allows P2P fundraisers to link their external fundraising pages directly to Facebook. How is this changing the game for peer-to-peer fundraising again? Read the article for Shana’s insights. 


  1. 5 Ways Matching Gifts Can Turn Donors into Major Gift Donors by Adam Weinger, Double the Donation 

The fundraising benefits of corporate matching gifts are well known. But do you know the five ways matching gifts can help you retain supporters and steward them into major donors? Adam does, and he was good enough to tell the npENGAGE audience!


  1. Top Event Strategies for Major Donor Cultivation by Tanya Fitzgerald, Blackbaud 

From finding a host to staffing to the agenda to follow-up, Tanya shared ten strategies that will help any organization successfully execute a major donor cultivation event. 


  1. Making Sense of Social Media Advocacy in 2018 by Colin Delaney, epolitics.com 

At the beginning of 2018, Facebook announced a change to its content-distribution algorithm to emphasize posts from friends and family over content from Pages like those run by most nonprofits, political campaigns and commercial brands. Colin gave advice to help digital advocacy campaign managers to leverage content, supporters and money to still reach potential advocates despite the change. 


  1. Three Roles of the Nonprofit CFO that Lead to Mission Success by Russell Pomeranz, The Claverack Advisory Group 

Think the nonprofit CFO role is just about budgeting, paying bills, identifying risks and audits? Think again. Russell got deep in to the soul, mind and heart of the role and described the three important roles a CFO can take on: the Builder, the Strategic Decision-Maker, and the organization’s Cultural Trendsetter. 


  1. 5 Tips for the Perfect Online Donation Form by Rachel Clemens, Mighty Citizen 

Is there such a thing as a perfect online donation form? Maybe not, but certain forms definitely work better than others! Follow these five tips from Rachel to get the most out of your organization’s online donation forms. With all these great insights, no wonder that Rachel appeared twice on this list! 


  1. Is Your Online Donation Form Turning Off Donors? by Jon Powell, NextAfter 

One of the most important parts of an online donation form is the gift array, where you list out suggested amounts for supporters to choose from. But do you have it arranged in a way that is discouraging potential donors? Jon shares what NextAfter’s experiments have suggested are the right (and wrong) ways to design your gift array. 


  1. Foundation Trends That Will Continue in 2018 by Annie Rhodes, Blackbaud 

Annie predicted that issues-focused grants, cross-sector collaboration, technology proliferation, diversity, and data analytics would be big trends for foundations in 2018. Read the article to find out how she thought each would rise to the top this year and let us know if you think her predictions were accurate! 


  1. Should Nonprofits Focus on Email or Facebook? by Colin Delaney, epolitics.com  

For Colin’s second appearance on this list, he posed a trick question (the answer is both). Find out how email and Facebook best work together, and how to leverage each for its own strengths. 


  1. Insights from Giving USA 2018: Charitable Giving Growth & Trends by Steve MacLaughlin, Blackbaud 

Each year, Giving USA’s report is highly anticipated, so it’s no surprise that Steve’s article sharing insights on the report is number three on this list. Steve broke down the numbers and talked about what research indicated as future priorities. 


  1. 6 Key Changes for Nonprofits in the FASB’s ASU 2016-14 by Louis Stratton, Blackbaud 

An article on financial accounting standards as the second most popular article published in 2018? Well, with ASU 2016-14 coming into effect in 2018, I can understand why! Organizations that haven’t successfully implemented the new accounting standards may be faced with overwhelming audit adjustments and costly penalties (and a resulting loss of contributions and donors). There’s still a few weeks left to make sure you’re accounting for the changes, so read Louis’ article to ensure your organization is on track! 


  1. One Person, One Household, One Key: The Benefits of Using a Unique Identifier on Your Constituent Records by David Lamb, Blackbaud  

“The benefits of controlling duplication of constituent records include, at the very least, a cost savings for solicitations and avoiding giving an impression of incompetence to the recipients of your mailings.” As this article landed in the top spot on the list, it’s clear that saving money and looking competent were big priorities for npENGAGE readers in 2018! 


What was your favorite npENGAGE article this year? Share in the comments section below!


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As the principal content strategy manager at Blackbaud, Christine combines her passions for communications and social good, managing sgENGAGE and ensuring that the company is providing content that advances the thinking of the social good community. Christine believes that effective communication is an essential aspect to achieving social impact, whether an organization is a funder, nonprofit or technology company.

Prior to joining Blackbaud, Christine worked for nearly a decade in the corporate philanthropy, where she managed global health grant programs, product donations, disaster response and program communications. She was also a UNA-USA Blogger Fellow to the 2015 Social Good Summit. You can find her on Twitter at @newman_ca.

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