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12 Nonprofit Reads for 2012

By on Jan 17, 2012


Last year I made a personal reading list: 12 books in 12 months which felt incredibly reasonable since I love to read. It included books like The Life of Pi, The Deep End of the Ocean, Tuesdays with Morrie (all read, way to go me) and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (not read, in fact I forgot that one until just now). I did read 12+ books in 12 months, just not the ones on my list. Sigh – what’s that expression about making plans and God laughing?

I’ve decided instead of making reading lists for myself, I’m just going to consult other people’s recommended reading lists. And to that end, I’ve chatted with my colleagues and come up with a list that we can all reference as we look for good reads this year.

In no particular order, here they are, 12 in 2012: books that nonprofit/marketing/fundraising nerds like us should give a gander.

  1. The Art & Science of Multi-Channel Fundraising: An e-book with the latest and greatest best practices and case studies. Includes a chapter by Dennis McCarthy, Convio’s Vice President of Strategy and Organizational Practice.
  2. Wired and Dangerous: How consumers (and constituents) are more empowered than ever by social media and the “word of mouse.” By Chip Bell, Summit 2011 keynote speaker.
  3. Leap of Reason: Helping public sector leaders achieve more. Read our own Seth Merritt’s book review now.
  4. Promise Me: The story of how Susan G. Komen for the cure was born through a promise between two sisters. 
  5. Uncharitable: By Dan Pallota, this book questions our fundamental canons about charity.
  6. The Influential Fundraiser: A wealth of creative and effective approaches for funding solicitations
  7. Fundraising Analytics: Using data to support your donor-centric organization
  8. Forces of Good: 6 Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits: Drawn from a survey of CEOs and study of a dozen high-impact nonprofits, tips to make your org more effective
  9. The New Rules of Marketing & PR: Using new media to cut out the middleman and connect directly with your constituents
  10. The End of Fundraising: Changing the approach of fundraising to “selling impact.”
  11. Level Best: Better understand evaluation and measurement tools for valuable, practical results.
  12. Talk Less, Say More: It’s not about how much you say, it’s about how you say it. Tips for being heard and understood.

What other books would you recommend to your nonprofit brethren?


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