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11 Donation Form Optimization Stats You’ll Wish You’d Known Yesterday [INFOGRAPHIC]

By on Sep 2, 2014


Donation for optimization is a key part of online fundraising success and a great way to boost donor acquisition. But sadly, so many nonprofits are doing it all wrong.

A recent research report covering a variety of online fundraising topics done by Brad Davies and others at Dunham+Company reveals some surprising results that you, a fellow online fundraising enthusiast, should be aware of. Some of it is good news, but it’s mostly not-so-good news.

On the brights side, you can run through the quick list below, evaluate your current online donation form, and quickly make some simple changes that will help you stand out above the rest.

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Happy donation form optimization!

11 Donation Form Optimization Stats You Need to Know

  1. 72% of organizations put buttons, menus, or other elements on their landing pages that give potential donors the ability to “click-away” to other pages on their website.
  2. 12% of organizations offer an incentive to online donors in return for their gift.
  3. 93% of landing pages (e.g. a donation form) indicate that their page is secure.
  4. 1 out of 5 organizations don’t have a clear call to action on their landing pages.
  5. 17% have multiple conflicting calls to action
  6. Less than 50% of landing pages convey a clear reason to take action (eg. donate).
  7. Only 14% of landing pages convey a sense of urgency.
  8. 22% of landing pages include donation giving levels.
  9. 95% of landing pages include a link to their privacy policy.
  10. 1/3 of landing pages do not included 3rd party validation or credibility indicators.
  11. Over 80% of landing pages are not optimized for mobile.

Donation Form Optimization Infographic

Credit Dunham+Company.



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