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10 Ideas to Get Your Blog Started

By on May 25, 2011


blog_postitHow often do you update the content on your website?

Updating your website content frequently has 2 key benefits:

  • It makes your supporters return to your website to see what’s new
  • It makes search engines return to re-index your site more frequently, which increases your chances of performing well in search results

The easiest way of adding new content on to your site is by creating a blog. Blogs are, ideally, short and sharp snippets of commentary that are updated regularly. The beauty of a blog is that you don’t need to write a lot – you just need to make sure that what you do write is of interest to your supporters!

Here are 10 blog ideas to get you started in the land of blogging (if you haven’t already!):

  1. Get your Managing Director/CEO to blog about how your organisation is striving to reach it’s vision/mission
  2. Get your volunteers/interns to blog about their experiences working with your organisation
  3. Get your field staff to blog about their experiences in the field
  4. Get your fundraising staff to comment on current fundraising activities
  5. Get your events staff commenting on how they’re putting events together and how things are going (a whole new event may just spring up if you allow supporters to comment on their likes/dislikes and ideas!)
  6. Get all staff writing about what it’s like to work for your organisation and the progress that the organisation is making
  7. Get an industry expert to start blogging on your organisation’s behalf about topics/issues of relevance to your vision/mission
  8. Write a blog to keep your supporters updated on where their gifts are being put to use
  9. Blog about any recipients of your organisations work – how have you made a difference in a life/lives?
  10. Create a simple news blog to keep supporters up-to-date with the happenings of your organisation

What other topics could you use to get your blog started?


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