Camden Morse, Senior Executive Director of Application Development and Information Services, UCLA External Affairs

Camden Morse is the Senior Executive Director of Application Development and Information Services for UCLA External Affairs. Camden has worked in both healthcare and higher education nonprofits. Over her career, she’s been responsible for most of the major areas of advancement operations, including IT, analytics, prospect management, prospect research and gift services. In addition to her advancement experience, Camden has managed financial systems, databases, and software implementations in both the private and public sectors.

Katrina Ward, Director of Strategic Outreach and Engagement, UCLA Alumni Affairs

Katrina Ward currently serves as the director of strategic outreach and engagement for the University of California at Los Angeles. In this role, she identifies and connects alumni, employers, industry leaders, and community members to the university to support a wide variety of programs. Katrina also oversees efforts to measure the impact, progress, and success of alumni engagement activities.

Prior to this role, Katrina designed and pioneered a transformative engagement program to support students in the transition from classroom to career. This program unites alumni, faculty, and corporations to implement full-scale change in the academic classroom and through cocurricular programs and virtual touch points. Katrina has written a number of grants and proposals to receive outside funding to support this work and has successfully scaled a number of pilot programs and projects.

Katrina brings an innovative spirit to her work and strives to enhance collaboration within the campus and with the greater community. Katrina has a unique ability to build partnerships with a wide variety of constituents, including students, faculty, alumni, industry leaders, and colleagues. As a higher education leader, Katrina has developed partnerships and programs to serve students and alumni at UCLA, University of Denver®, Pepperdine University®, Santa Monica College, and The New School®, as well as supporting the University of California’s Office of the President to launch a system-wide approach to alumni career engagement.

Katrina holds a Bachelor of Science in human development from Cornell University®, a Master of Arts in Psychology, and a Master of Arts in psychology and Master of Education in counseling psychology from Columbia University®.