Austen’s current work at Fission Strategy is overseeing the strategic design, development, and implementation of online campaigns, social media and mobile apps, websites, infographics, and much more for non-profit organizations and foundations. Austen Levihn-Coon specializes in leveraging technology for social impact and has a background in grassroots campaigning and social movement theory. He is well versed in the capabilities of existing action tools and CRMs and works with the amazing team at Fission to identify creative opportunities to expand the power of these tools through integrations with social networks and other technologies such as SMS campaigns, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Alongside the technical solutions, Austen leverages proven campaign and leadership development strategies in order to empower individuals and communities to create social change. In his work he has envisioned and managed the development of tools such as NRDC’s 1-Click Petition Facebook App, the American Wind Energy Association’s Tweet Congress App, and NARAL Pro-Choice America’s No Cost Birth Control Facebook App. Prior to joining Fission Strategy, Austen worked with Joe Trippi & Associates, the Energy Action Coalition, Obama for America 2008, and the Texas Campaign for the Environment