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#GivingTuesday: The Arts & Culture Way

By on Sep 18, 2018


Giving Tuesday tips

Approaching its seventh year, #GivingTuesday’s success isn’t slowing down and only increasing in donor participation. According to Blackbaud’s 2017 Charitable Giving Report, online giving on #GivingTuesday’s increased by 28% from 2016. Blackbaud, being a founding partner of this movement, is proud to report that since inception, we have witnessed over $203 million in online donations. These are phenomenal statistics and your organization should participate in this global day of giving.

Arts and Cultural organizations are capitalizing on this giving movement by creating a clear call-to-action attached to customized campaigns.  If you are not aware, many tools that have been created for you, aligning your #GivingTuesday campaign to your mission.

Throughout this article I will highlight how to develop your campaign and connect it with your mission.


Register as a 2018 participant on #GivingTuesday.org. Donors and other organizations want to know that you are an official 501(c)3 and active #GivingTuesday participant.



Download Blackbaud’s comprehensive toolkit on blackbaud.com/givingtuesday. This kit has helpful information on boosting your campaign, including: a checklist, email templates, social media posts, strategies on how to motivate donors, and more.

GivingTuesday.org also has comprehensive toolkits that include tools such as press release templates and mayoral proclamations.


Blackbaud’s Giving Tuesday site has a whole host of resources to help you be successful such as the toolkit, a webinar series, podcasts, blog articles and giving trends data. And don’t forget all the great #GivingTuesday articles right here on npENGAGE!

Also, study the highlighted case studies and the FAQ page on GivingTuesday.org. Reviewing each will help you develop a strategy on engaging your donors, specifically for your cause.



Your website should reflect your #GivingTuesday campaign, and your donation button should be highly visible. Accessibility is vital; make it easy for your donors to give. Include options, such as recurring gifts, so donors have the choice to give again automatically. Dedicate a page to your #GivingTuesday campaign and distribute this link to your donor base.

Example: The Shedd Aquarium devoted a webpage to their #GivingTuesday campaign, Five Reasons Why You #OtterGive on #GivingTuesday.  


Connect with like organizations.

Align with other organizations that have similar goals. #GivingZOOday is a collaborative effort that connects AZA-accredited institutions, focusing on environmental wellness and animal extinction. This campaign is directed towards specific objectives and concentrates on similar missions. Organizations are more powerful together, so join a like-minded group.


Collaborate by location:

Your mission doesn’t have to be the only common ground. Cities that come together, develop a greater community and improve their environment. Collaborating, for good, is an impactful way to further your reach.


Let the donor choose:

A great way to increase donor participation is by letting them choose which area of your organization to support. Allowing a donor to restrict their funds, gives them the power, in-turn, possibly increasing their donation.

Example: The Maryland Zoo joined #GivingZOOday and asked donors to allocate their funds to a certain species. They are encouaring donors to share on their behalf, broadcasting their goals. This creates a team environment, increases particpation and awareness.  


Develop a purpose:

Generate a motive, with a clear goal, highlighting a tangible result. Donors are results driven and want to understand your struggles and successes. Make sure to communicate throughout the day, updating your progress. This will help motivation and create that added boost, if needed.

Example: Henry Vilas Zoo exceeded their funding goal to transport a tiger to their facility. Donors were able to rally behind this excitement and proved their support of Callie joining the zoo’s family.


Make it personal:

Donors that support your mission are also supporting your volunteers and staff. Showcase what drives them and create a sense of humanization.



Encourage your followers to create their own campaign, befitting your organization. Volunteers/members who ask family, friends and co-workers to give, create a sense of personalization on your behalf. This is also a great way to reach a new donor base.

Example: The Florida Aquarium set up a peer-to-peer fundraising contest on #GivingTuesday that resulted in unique opportunities for the top performing donors.



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank your donors throughout the day and especially the days after #GivingTuesday. Contributors want to know the results of your campaign and partake in your celebrations. Remember, communication is vital for turning a first-time donor into a recurring donor.


#GivingTuesday is your day to shine. Donors, volunteers, members and staff are expecting to hear from you so, utilize their skills and connections. Create goals and share them with your followers. This global day of giving was created for you! Don’t let it pass without acting and have fun building your Arts & Culture campaign.



Tanya Fitzgerald is a senior marketing manager at Blackbaud, previously having served as a customer success manager for Blackbaud Arts & Cultural Solutions. Prior to joining Blackbaud, she was the Board & Special Projects Manager for the South Carolina Aquarium focusing on major gifts and fundraising events while managing the Board of Directors and junior board. Previously, Tanya was involved with Louie’s Kids for six years, a non-profit that focuses on childhood obesity and family wellness, as a board member and volunteer managing their fundraising efforts. Currently, she is involved with the Charleston Animal Society’s fundraising events and is a member of their Board of Directors philanthropy committee. Tanya enjoys giving back and sharing her non-profit knowledge helping our customers succeed.

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