This is a guest post by Peter Baron, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Blackbaud’s K12 Group and a founder of edSocialMedia.


The evidence is building and it’s becoming harder to ignore: an ever increasing number of people are using phones & tablets to tackle all manner of tasks on the web. From booking rides on Uber to depositing checks from our phones, mobile devices are central to how we interact online.

Think this isn’t true for schools?

Just look at some of these stats through the lens of a family researching private schools:

  • iPads and iPhones make up more than 20% of the web traffic visiting all WhippleHill servers.
  • The average American spends more than two hours a day on their mobile device.

Consider all of these facts (and look below for even more!) and it becomes very clear, very quickly, that it’s critical your school’s web site looks great on more than a laptop or desktop browser — it absolutely has to shine on a phone or tablet. The last thing you want is for someone to bounce off your site due to frustration over having to two-finger zoom to see what’s what on the page.

Here’s how responsive web design (RWD) can help.

When you build a responsive site, you can feel confident that it’ll adapt and look great on whatever device someone’s using (phone, tablet, laptop, you name it). The zoom goes away! We’ve written a lot about the subject (see here & here), but the benefits are clear. Through CSS3 media queries, a fluid grid layout, and flexible images, a site using RWD adapts to your screen’s resolution in order to deliver the very best viewing experience. For this reason, every site we launch using onMessage is responsive by default. We won’t build a site that isn’t.


Need more convincing?

Check out this fantastic infographic (arranged by our in-house guru Mark Christensen). It further strengthens the case as to why mobile should be front & center in your school’s web strategy. Click for a larger view.



This is a guest post by Peter Baron, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Blackbaud’s K12 Group and a founder of edSocialMedia. In addition to regularly blogging about school communications and strategy, Peter has trained thousands of educators and advancement professionals on how to create engaging content for the social web.

Since 2000, Peter has presented at a range of conferences, including CASE/NAIS, WBSA, SSATB, TABS, ISANNE, the Strategic Marketing & Advancement Institute for Independent Schools, edSocialMedia Summit, and other national and regional events.


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