“Go and do Good!”

That’s what Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) tells it’s event participants to do at the end of this video.


FMSC is doing something that every nonprofit who runs an event fundraising program should do.

The thing that turns regular people into fundraising pro’s.

Training (Event Fundraisers)

That’s right. Training is the name of the game. It’s the single most effective way to turn passionate supporters into successful fundraisers.

In this three-minute video, FMSC is able to blend both messaging around their mission and the global hunger crisis with clear, easy to follow steps about how to participate as a fundraiser.

They’ve created training that…

…  is easily accessible

… is centered on the work FMSC is doing

… shows the impact their work is having in children’s lives

… inspires event participants to act

… teaches event participants how to be successful

5 Question Training Evaluation

After you watch this video again, step back and think about the interactions your organization has with event fundraising participants. Ask yourself and your team a few questions:

  • Are we helping fundraisers see how their efforts help change the world?
  • Are we making it easy for fundraisers to participate?
  • Are we doing enough to train our fundraisers so they can be successful?
  • Are we helping our fundraisers easily communicate what they are doing with friends and family?
  • How can we improve in all these areas and do a better job equipping our event fundraising participants?

Go, and Do Good!

Is the message here about creating awesome video? No. It’s great if you can, but it certainly isn’t a requirement.

What’s more important is that you take participant training seriously.  It can have a HUGE impact on your event fundraising results.

Go and do BETTER!



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