Count on This: Webinars for Nonprofit Accountants

These webinars were created specifically with your job in mind. So take a seat, and start learning about nonprofit budgeting, grant tracking, reporting, project and expense management, and more. Don’t forget to check back as we’re constantly adding great webinars to keep you on the path to becoming an informed nonprofit accountant.

Power Hour: A Webinar Series For Nonprofit Goal-Getters

Our Power Hour webinar series is created just for you—to help you exceed your fundraising goals. After all, knowledge is power! Each session is led by an industry expert who has first-hand experience working at nonprofits.

npEXPERTS Webinar Series

Join us for our six-part webinar series based on the latest npEXPERTS eBook, Cupid’s Arrow: Targeted Acquisition to Court Supporters. We’re taking a look at how you can welcome new donors to your organization, ways to optimize your website, and how you can make the donation experience something worth remembering.

Steps to Building a Grateful Patient Program

Learn about tips for building a Grateful Patient Program, what it takes to identify major donors, and how to measure success for your healthcare institution. Join us for a series of webinars over the next few weeks as we dive deeper into all things healthcare fundraising.